Content & Inbound Marketing Workshop Athens

Content & Inbound Marketing Workshop Athens

with award winning speaker Michael Leander


Friday, May 9th 2014 in Athens

This workshop is intended for professionals with a desire to learn how to approach content marketing the right way. All types of businesses will benefit. Content can become a successful weapon for customer acquisition and retention for both the smallest and the biggest brands. It all depends on how you approach it.


Attendee profiles:

- Brands who haven’t seen significant success with content marketing yet.

- Brands how are just getting started with content marketing

- Brands who would like to increase the number of inbound leads or inquiries

- Agencies who would like to get a better understanding of how to best consult clients and how to get better results with content marketing

- Organizations with limited budgets but with a big story to tell or sell




What exactly is content marketing and how can you leverage content to attract, nurture, convert and retain customers?

In this opening keynote, you will learn how content can play a role in many aspects of your marketing and engagement strategy. Through case studies from abroad, you will get important insight on how businesses in different industries have leveraged content to engage, nurture, convert and retain customers.

How to use content marketing to attract, nurture, educate and retain customers

Hear how world class marketers are using content marketing as a powerful weapon to attract, nurture and retain customers.

In this opener, you will get inspiration on areas such as;

- how newsjacking can become your secret weapon

- how to turn simple statistics into compelling content that sells

- why you need to embrace video now and how to get started

- how crowdsourcing content works and why it matters

- how to make content marketing fun whilst at the same time producing significant Return on Marketing Investment .


11:00 Pausis



Content strategy and your content concept: How to craft a winning content strategy and how to develop your unique content concept

Developing content individual content pieces is easy. But to integrate content in your existing marketing strategy effectively, you need a solid strategy and you need to develop and implement a unique content concept. In this session you will learn

- how to create a content strategy

- how to create your unique content concept

- how to test your content concept

You will also get an introduction to working with buyer personas and aligned content elements to buying stages.

This session will include interaction lessons


13:00 Lunch



Tips & Tool Time: See 11 tips and tools that can help you improve your results

Some of the tips & tools covered in this session include;

- writing tips; how to capture the attention of your audience

- sharing tips and tools: how to get more people to share your content

- channel insights: how does audiences in general relate to and interact with content in different


- search: how content impacts search results and why Google Plus and YouTube should be your best friends real soon


15:00 Coffee break



Your content winners and fillers; Learn how to invest in the right content whilst keeping your audience engaged with relevant fillers

Most businesses treat all content equal. That is wrong. The best strategy is to know how to focus on winners whilst keeping a high frequency through content fillers.

In this session you will see examples of winners and learn how to;

- plan and execute your content calendar;

- how to repurpose content for multiple channels and devices



How to approach video and audio content effectively


16:45 – 17:30

Questions and answers and closing of the workshop


About Michael Leander

Hailing from Denmark, Michael Leander leverages his 20+years of direct and digital marketing experience by sharing useful and actionable knowledge. His presentations and trainings are a mix of trends, directions and practical tips. More about Michael Leander here .


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